About me

The kind of guy I am:

ALWAYS DID say hello to everyone in the morning. I did it when I was working at a 5-employee company and I’m still doing it now, when there are 80. I believe in the power of a smile in the morning.

NEVER DID I EVER gave feedback to someone in a criptic way: I try to stay on point, provide examples, even sketch something really quick to prove my point. I believe that being as specific as you can makes everyone’s job easier.

I enjoy the process more than the result. I know that there’s a solution to everything and only going through the process will give you a chance to find it.

I know that you can be creative no matter the task: even if we’re talking about the color of the shadow on the side of a button or designing a logo, there’s always new ideas you can come up with.

I believe in first bringing value to customers. That’s the first step to increasing conversion for businesses later on. 

A guy that’s working hard, has great fundamentals and works everyday on getting better. Knows he’s not the best, but he’s working harder because of that; and this might just make the difference in this industry.

If you want to see more of what I do, here‘s my Behance account.

For anything, feel free to contact me here.